Doctor’s Notes

For your very best smile… for a lifetime

1. Be aware and share your concerns with us.

Vegetarian? Menopausal? Diabetic? Your oral health is linked to your overall health, medications, stage of life, and diet – talk to us.

2. Eat a balanced diet

to ensure an adequate supply of minerals and vitamins. Limit sugary snacks that feed bacteria.

3. Keep alcohol consumption moderate,

particularly when combined with tobacco – and don’t smoke!

4. Brush twice a day & floss once a day

to remove bacterial plague that can cause decay, odor, & gum disease.

5. Stick with your daily home care routines.

Always brush 2 times per day and floss once per day. Skipping is a n-no!

6. Stop using tobacco products.

Smoking and smokeless tobacco increase your risk of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay.

7. Examine your mouth

for changes and alert us about any concerns.

8. Visit our office regularly.

Only professional cleaning can remove tartar that will lead to gum disease – and worse, lost teeth.  Plus we check for oral cancer.

It’s all about prevention!

When we work together as a team, you’ll have a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime. For a great smile, a great social life, and better overall health, call us for an appointment today at 609-646-3890.