Careington Dental Plans

We CARE about our patients and understand your concerns about expenses of comprehensive treatment plans.

In addition to payment options like CareCredit or CitiHealth cards, as well as numerous discounts, we are offering 3 Careington’s discount plans to the patients that do not have dental insurance or have exhausted their dental benefits.

The plans are Care Platinum POS, Care Series POS, or Care 500. All plans include Dental, Prescription and Vision Discounts, & Vision Correction Surgery. Please review plans information and choose one that suits your personal situation. Linda or Amber will be able to help you make a right choice if you are not sure.

$20 non-refundable enrollment fee is  paid at sign up. Members pay discounted fees based on the plan’s fee schedule at the time of service. Patients are immediately eligible to use plan’s benefits the day they enroll right in our office.

Care Platinum POS Dental Choice-Plus $11.95 per month/ $108.00 per yr.
Care Series POS Dental Premier-Plus $14.95 per month/ $135.00 per yr.
Care 500 Dental Supreme-Plus $17.95 per month/ $162.00 per yr.

You can download and fill in plan application from this page before your visit or get them right in our office.

For more information please visit